Blind Criminal | About
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A few things about Blind Criminal for people who wants to read that.


Blind Criminal is an independent bespoke clothing brand that’s founded on two values: originality and value message. It appeals to people who are in pursuit of good taste: to simple form-lovers whose preferences are not shaped by Kardashians.


We are living in a society where good aesthetics and beauty are losing their importance. We are surrounded by bad design, clishe marketing taglines and cheap mass production. We are all losing sight of values we used to hold dear. The value of art disappears slowly in this kind of world. Originality is no longer chased, so it is no longer found.

We know that there are people who are upset by this banality of the hype brands and would like to express their character in our clothes. These people are the people who are making the world more colorful and those who are moving things forward. These people, we hope, are our consumers and our supporters. One of BC’s most important goals is to meet the visual necessities of these people.


We don’t know much about traditional marketing and money making and we do not want to know. We are small independent company with small production room on the back and we believe that marketing can be ethical, honest and proud because nobody likes feel as a fool. Art of marketing this is what we want to create.


You have to know that every t-shirt you bought from us, was made using musple’s power of the BC’s founder Sebastian. We are bespoke and we are fine with that. Making clothing is the best excercise.